New customs requirements for low-value shipments to the US


Via Amazon Seller Central News:

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued new guidance on how to correctly ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers in the US.

Providing the correct information in the right format can help ensure that your inventory isn’t held up or delayed by CBP during importation. For FBA shipments to be eligible for duty-free (Section 321) entry into the US, merchandise owners must provide information about their identity (first and last name, or company name) to CBP via the shipping manifest or customs entry filing.

We recommend that you use the following format:

- [Seller legal name] c/o FBA

- Fulfillment center address

To learn more about how to properly format information about the merchandise owner in your customs documentation, review the CBP’s guidance. We recommend that you consult with your carrier or customs broker for further guidance about your shipments.

For more information about shipping inventory, go to Delivering imports to Amazon.

Our Reaction:

We appreciate Amazon clarifying the best way to ensure CBP documentation, especially for duty-free eligibility.

As more and more sellers begin taking advantage of direct shipments to Amazon's FBA warehouses this will be crucial to ensure Sellers don't sacrifice margin due to mistakes on entry paperwork.