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Improve your apparel images to connect with your customers


Via Amazon Seller Central News:

Our internal studies show that customers not only prefer to see apparel products displayed on a person, but they also prefer to see a diverse range of models.

Highlighting clothing on models with different body types, skin tones, ethnicities, hair colors and textures, physical abilities, gender expressions, and ages is an effective way to connect with customers and improve their shopping experience.

To give customers the best possible experience, you may see your off-figure images for adult apparel replaced with on-figure equivalents. We suggest that you use on-figure images for your Main images to support this experience.

How to improve your apparel images

Our Fashion Apparel Imaging Guidelines will help give you tips on how to best feature your products, and how to use individual models to enhance your brand voice. The guide is a complete reference on how images are used across the store, best practices, and technical requirements.

The Amazon Imaging Services program offers professional photography for eligible products, including on-model imagery. For more information, send us your email address on the Imaging Coordinator page.